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What is included in a Zoya Pro subscription?
What is included in a Zoya Pro subscription?
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Zoya Pro unlocks access to premium tools and features. Key benefits include:

  • Sync Unlimited Brokerage Accounts: Connect all your investment accounts to access unified performance tracking and shariah compliance monitoring in one place.

  • Seamless Trading: Execute trades directly within the Zoya app through linked brokerages. No need to switch between apps.

  • Compliance Reports: View detailed analyses explaining compliance ratings for any stock, updated regularly.

  • Fund Screener: Analyze ETF and mutual fund holdings to evaluate overall shariah compliance.

  • Smart Alerts: Get notified if any of your holdings become non-compliant so you can take action.

  • Advanced Filters: Filter stocks according to your preferred compliance thresholds, analyst ratings, sectors, and more.

  • Watchlist Export and Limit Increase: Add up to 500 stocks to your watchlist. Export data to CSV with one click.

  • Early Access to New Features: Help shape Zoya's product roadmap and test out new features before public release.

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