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How do I connect my Wahed account?
How do I connect my Wahed account?
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If you're a Wahed customer in the US, you can connect your account to Zoya to use our portfolio tracking and zakat features. This can be done through Apex Clearing, the clearinghouse used by Wahed. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Wahed app and grab your account ID from your monthly statement. It should look something like "ABX-12345".

  2. Go to and create an account using your Wahed account ID. Make sure you remove any spaces or dashes.

  3. Go back to the Portfolio tab in Zoya and click the + icon to link an account.

  4. Search for “Apex Clearing” and login using the credentials you just created.

Wahed is not independently available because it is not yet supported by Plaid, the third-party connection service we use to sync your account with Zoya.

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